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Mather Elementary School

Munising Public Schools

Mission Statement
The Mather Elementary School Staff believes and accepts the responsibility that every student will be given the opportunity to maximize his or her ability to learn.
We believe that our schools purpose is to build an atmosphere for learning while fostering growth in social and emotional behavior.

Mather School Staff
DeeJay Paquette, Principal
Cindy Killips, Secretary
Sharon Kelto, Kindergarten
Phyllis Murk, Kindergarten
Tricia VanLandschoot, Kindergarten
Sarah Johnson, First Grade
Heidi Paquette, First Grade
Dawn Mattson, Second Grade
Tracy Wing, Second Grade
Jolene Hetherington,Third Grade
Mandy Cole, Third Grade
Paula Brock, Fourth Grade
Rod Gendron, Fourth Grade
Ann Morrison, Fifth Grade
Brenda Behning, Fifth Grade
Jennifer Lenten, Speech Therapy
Janice Schultz, ECSE Teacher
Melissa Berube, Special Ed. Coordinator
Amy Gramm, Special Education
John Pieper, Special Education
Emily Rodeck, Music K-5
Becky McLaren, Physical Education
Jen Meyer, Native Am Coordinator
Kathy Baij, Paraprofessional
Cathy Burley-Sowa, Paraprofessional
Mary Contreras, Paraprofessional
Marcia Dolkey,Paraprofessional
Jamie Johnson, Paraprofessional
Jean Luoma, Elementary Librarian
Dar Masters, Paraprofessional
Jen Miles, Paraprofessional
Cindy Moseley, Paraprofessional
Susia Palomaki, Paraprofessional
Kathy Seaberg, Paraprofessional
Alethea Shelly, Paraprofessional
Judy Spaulding, Paraprofessional
Robin Tiernan, Sp Ed Paraprofessional
Tricia Valiquette, Paraprofessional
Brenda Watson, Paraprofessional
Chris Mannisto, Cook
Lynn McDonald, Cook/Custodian
Bob Beauchine, Custodian
Bill LeVeque, Maintenance