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Munising Public Schools

Business Office
810 W. State Highway M-28
Munising, Michigan 49862
  (906) 387-2251
  (906) 387-5416
Mather School (Preschool-5)
  (906) 387-2102, ext. 147
  (906) 387-4774
Munising School (Middle/High 6-12)
  (906) 387-2103, ext. 259
  (906) 387-5686
Athletic Director:
  (906) 387-2103, ext. 147
Public Library:
  (906) 387-2125
Public Library: Fax:
  (906) 387-5179
Guidance Office:
  (906) 387-2104, ext. 262
Auxiliary Services:
  (906) 387-3775, ext. 145
Administrative Office
Business Office Fax:
  (906) 387-5416
Auxiliary Services:    
  (906) 387-2105, ext. 145
School Bus Garage: 
  (906) 387-4145
Native American Education:
  (906) 387-3861, ext. 180
Weather Related Emergencies
If a winter storm or other weather-related emergency is forecast or has hit the area, the Superintendent will determine if school will open for the day. Tune in to radio station WGLQ-FM 97.1 in Escanaba or WLUC-TV6 television station for early morning reports. If a storm or other weather-related emergency develops during the day, the Superintendent will determine the action to be taken and advise personnel. The news media will be informed of the procedures being implemented.
Pupil Dismissal Procedures
Parents should receive information regarding pupil dismissal procedures from the school which their child attends school. These procedures should include provisions for children whose parents are away from home during the day. For additional information about the release of students, parents should tune in to local radio station WGLQ-FM 97.1
Emergency Procedures
In the event of a campus emergency, students may be relocated to an alternate school site, as follows:
From:                         To:
Munising High............Mather Elementary
Mather Elementary.....Munising High
All Schools.................Alger Arena