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Munising Public Schools


   We are currently working on learning and memorizing the basic facts.  All second graders are expected to know their basic addition and subtraction facts fluently.  We are taking class time to explore the facts and patterns we see.  Students are also learning some helpful hints to work out some of the more difficult facts.

    Please take time to practice these facts with your child.  The more practice each child has, the easier it is to master the facts. 

    Here are some tips to get in some practice:
    *Ask your child facts in the car, while standing in line at the store, before they can play video games or watch TV,  etc.
    *Take a few minutes daily to focus on a few facts at a time
    *Use flash cards
    *Use a deck of cards as flash cards or to play Addition War (turn over two cards, the one with the highest sum takes the cards)
    *Use math websites