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Melissa Berube

Munising Public Schools

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I am originally from the Lower Peninsula.  I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a POHI endorsement.  I come from a family of educators.  My father began his career as an English teacher in Rochester.  He  moved on to the position of union president and ended his career as an Assistant Superintendent for Utica Schools.   My mother worked as a paraprofessional with special education students for 15 years.  My sister is a first grade teacher in Oxford.

I’ve been fortunate to teach in many different economic and cultural settings.  I spent a full year student teaching at a variety of locations (Rochester, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Taylor).  At the time, I did not like the idea of multiple placements, but it has served me well to have worked in such diverse environments.  My first real paying position was at a center-based program downstate.  This was a wonderful experience.  Working for an ISD was an ideal first job.  There were many experts to interact with and learn from.  I relocated to the U.P. after marriage.  I have worked in Munising for the past 11 years as a special education teacher – resource room.
Currently, much of my time outside of the classroom is spent in pursuit of a reading specialist degree as well as an early childhood endorsement.  I truly value education and enjoy working with children.  My passion for educating, drives me to keep current on the latest teaching trends. I believe that continuing my own education makes me a teacher who can better serve my students and community.