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If College is Not for You

Munising Public Schools

  • To increase options, you need to have a well-rounded background.
  • Find out what type of careers you are interested in. Take courses that support these careers throughout your high school years.
  • Take core academics and also vocational courses.
  • Consider joining a sport. Physical fitness is a must and should start now.
  • Explore the branches of the service and the career that they offer.
  • Start studying for the ASVAB- the library website has a great practice tests.
  • Take the ASVAB.
  • Listen to the school announcements and sign up to meet with a VARIETY of recruiters.
  • Continue to meet with the recruiters.
  • Retake the ASVAB if needed, either at school or arrange a test with your recruiter.
  • Many vocational schools do not require the ACT/SAT. They have their own required test (TABE, COMPASS…).
  • Vocational programs require skills in reading, writing, and speaking and they do have certain requirements that must be met. Tech Prep courses are good to take.
  • Research the requirements of your vocational school that you are interested in.
  • Keep up on computer skills. Virtually all jobs use computers in some ways.
  • Attendance is a major factor. Many employers call to check school attendance records.
  • Get experience through summer or part time jobs, especially if an apprenticeship will be required.
  • Take the core academic classes needed for most jobs.
  • Stay on track for graduation!!!
  • Work on a resume, get responsible references (ASK for them!), create a portfolio with accomplishments, report cards, awards, and gather letters of recommendation
  • Work on people skills and interviewing skills.